Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Creationists And Ice-Cream

Why is it that some creationists miserably try to disprove evolution? They don't seem to get that disproving evolution doesn't automatically prove Intelligent Design ( ID ).

If I have a sealed container in front of me which is known to contain ice cream, and if I proved that the ice cream in it was not Vanilla flavored, does it automatically mean it's Chocolate? It could be Strawberry flavored, too.

Then again, since they shoot themselves in the foot every time they try to disprove evolution, may be it's better to let them have a go at it. At least they might learn a bit about evolution that way, possibly from a credible source instead of silly evangelical websites. But their attempt to disprove evolution and then say "Ha! Since evolution doesn't work, ID must be true!" shows how weak their logic is.

But of course, people are so gullible. When ID and Evolution are the only picks that are visible on the table, any questioning of Evolution, no matter how ridiculous, will make the believers gravitate towards ID. The very notion that ID and Evolution are debatable is a step-up for these idiots. Yeah, right - just like "Sex Theory of Reproduction" and "Stork Theory of Reproduction" are debatable.

Some of the proponents of creationism, particularly the more educated ones, probably know that this is completely a sham. Many believers seem to have this delusion that lying is ok, as long as you're doing it to save peoples' souls, and make the world a more "moral" place. After all, "Darwinism" makes the society immoral right?

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