Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Boteach and Hitler have in Common

I first saw this guy from his debate with Hitchens. There's little to say about it other than Hitchens demolished him. Boteach didn't even try to fight, it seemed, and neither did he try to slither away in the way that Theologians like Dr. Alister McGrath do.

And then I saw this whole "storm in a teapot" as Dawkins put it. It seems that Boteach and Professor Dawkins have a wee bit of history, going back a couple of years when Boteach was living at Oxford.

Well, Boteach accused Dawkins of comparing him to Hitler, to which Dawkins' reply can be see in the above link. Dawkins says that he did not mean that Boteach thinks like Hitler.

On Boteach's web page, I saw this.

Clearly he doesn't understand much about homosexuality, but after all the drivel he comes to the final paragraph where he makes an open display of his hypocrisy:
While banning gay marriage is indeed discriminatory, so are the bans against polygamy and polyandry, which seem equally unfair. After all, a man who is married and has a mistress whom he only meets for sex has done nothing illegal (and in some countries has even proven his virility.) But if he suddenly desires to take responsibility for the woman and commit to her in marriage, he is thrown into jail. This is, of course, absurd because by doing so we reward causal sex and punish commitment. Still, amid the absurdity of the logic, nearly all agree that polygamy must remain strictly illegal so as to protect the single, time-honored definition of marriage: one man to woman. Period.
So he admits that all these bans are discriminatory, and still says it should be banned to protect the "single, time-honored definition of marriage: one man to woman". Is this dingbat for real? Your fucked-up religious values have no meaning in other people's lives, asshole!

Gay marriage does have a history, if you bother to look at history before the advent of the Judaeo-Christian religions, and other cultures poisoned by the Abrahamic faiths.

Well, it seems now that Dawkins was mistaken when he said Boteach didn't think like Hitler. Well, Mr. Boteach, when it comes to the matter of homosexuality, it seems that you and Hitler are indeed like minded.

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