Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are all Christians Homophobes?

No, but they all support homophobia.

You cannot support the bible without supporting homophobia. Why not?

There is no one singular way to interpret the bible. If there were, then there would be a logical description of how to correctly interpret the bible and everyone would follow this one true interpretation. But this is not the case. The faith of the believer plays a part in its interpretation. Therefore, once you give any validation to one faith-based-interpretation, you have to give validity to all of them. You cannot select it à la carte.

It's a bit like donating money to the Republican campaign. The Republicans pander to the homophobia of the people, and you cannot give money to the campaign and say you don't support homophobia.

Which is why all-forms of religion need to be eradicated, fundamentalist or moderate. Religion - Abrahamic ones in particular, is not the single cause of homophobia, but it is the main cause. Eradication of religion may not eradicate homophobia completely, but certainly eradicating homophobia could never be done if religion is not eradicated. In this sense, one could wonder if it is a possible goal at all, but whether possible or not, it is certainly worth trying, at least for every LGBT person. We ourselves might not get much out of it, but do it for the future generations.


JT said...

Love your blog, and thanks for swinging by ours. :)

Yeah, they're not too keen on evidence; but remember, we're not out to change their minds - we're after the minds of people reading us destroying them.

Those minds can be changed. ;)


JT said...

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